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Elbwiesen| This is Dresden

I love cities with big rivers, Hamburg, Paris, Straßbourg, Graz, and so many more. Dresden is one of them and, yes, special – along the river Elbe there are huge greenlands. Meadows, sometimes flooded, often used as hideaway in the middle of the city. A place to enjoy nature and some quiet moments with the big city lights in sight.
Last week I took a stroll through autumn, capturing these moments. The greenfields, a lost place in the middle of everything.


  • Straße
  • Straße

moody winter

a view from the street, some images captured while on our way home crossing the moody landscapes of northern saxony, on a winters day, cloudy and cold and yet beautiful.

So I find words I never thought to speak
In streets I never thought I should revisit
When I left my body on a distant shore. TS Elliot